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Paul Little Series

The Science of Paul & A Healthy Fear of Man


In The Science of Paul, ex-convict Paul Little returns to the Philadelphia street life and finds himself immersed in the murder of a petty thug. When Paul is later implicated in the crime, he must contend with a volatile gangster accused of the crime and the straight-laced detective who put Paul behind bars years ago.

In A Healthy Fear of Man, Paul seeks solace on his deceased grandfather's farm in rural North Carolina and begins a new life. But Paul's self-imposed exile is short-lived when he meets "Bo," his grandfather's old friend, and Gilly Catlett, a precocious girl with a dark secret. When Paul finds Gilly drowned in his pond, it brings the attention of angry locals and a corrupt Sheriff eager to see Paul dead or behind bars.

The Science of Paul Book Cover
A Healthy Fear of Man book cover


Lucy Ramos is out for blood—she needs to kill a man, but she has no clue how. Lucy calls on the help of aged hitman Tito Garza—also known as El Perro of Pedro. Garza’s signature method of killing? Using dogs to maul his targets to death. Now, in his golden years, Garza lives a mundane life in San Pedro, a port town south of downtown Los Angeles. With a backpack full of cash, Lucy persuades Garza to help her murder her mother’s killer, Assistant District Attorney Victor Soto. Together, the forgotten hitman hungry for a comeback and the girl whose life was shattered as a child set out to kill the man responsible and risk destroying themselves in the process.

The Furious Way Book Cover

Detective Trevor Finnegan Series

In Under Color of Law, Black rookie cop Trevor “Finn” Finnegan aspires to become a top-ranking officer in the Los Angeles Police Department and fix a broken department. A fast-track promotion to detective in the coveted Robbery-Homicide Division puts him closer to achieving his goal, but when the body of a murdered Black academy recruit is found in the Angeles National Forest, Finn is tasked to investigate. As pressure mounts to solve the crime and avoid a PR nightmare, Finn scours the underbelly of a volatile city where power, violence, and race intersect.

In Blue Like Me, Finn makes his triumphant return. Now a private investigator, he's adopted a new mandate: catch the LAPD’s worst in the act. While on surveillance in Venice Beach, Finn tails two potentially dirty cops: Detective Martin Riley and Finn’s ex-partner, Detective Sally Munoz. Things take a deadly turn when an unknown assailant executes Riley and wounds Munoz. In an instant, Finn goes from private eye to eyewitness. To prevent more bloodshed and avoid becoming the next targets on the killer’s list, Finn and Munoz will have to bury their complicated past, trust each other, and come face-to-face with painful secrets that could destroy them both.

Under Color of Law Book Cover
Blue Like Me Book Cover

Under Color of Law & Blue Like Me



"Death at the Sundial Motel"

Inspired by recent true events, the all-original stories in Witnesses for the Dead are set in motion by the act of witnessing. The characters who populate these pages are not themselves the perpetrators of the crimes they see, but as they grapple with what to do—take action or retreat into the shadows—their lives are indelibly changed.

In "Death at the Sundial Motel," a Haitian mother witnesses the aftermath of her son's killing by a Border Patrol Agent. When the agent is set free, the grieving mother seeks revenge and inadvertently uncovers a human trafficking ring in her apartment building.

Witnesses For The Dead Book Cover
The Accomplice Book Cover_Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson
"Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Aaron Philip Clark make a spectacular duo in this riveting, on-the-edge-of-your-seat, sophisticated crime thriller that takes you for a memorable action-packed ride."
- Kashif Hussain, Best Thriller Books Reviews



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